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Flowback Tank

Flowback / Gasbuster Tank

ETC's 500 bbl portable Flowback/Gasbuster tanks come in open-top or closed-top configurations. All have V-bottom floors for fast and easy cleanout. The long walls are made from continuous 40' sheets of steel that require only 4 weld joints. This feature greatly increases the overall strength and reduces the opportunity for leaks, cracks and hidden corrosion.



Interior Epoxy Coating
Mud Gun Cleanout Ports
Additional Valves and Manways
36"x60" Sign Board


  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ASME U Stamp
  • ASME R Stamp
  • ASME S Stamp
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Length 46'
Width: 8'6"
Height: 11'
Capacity: 500 bbl
Weight: 27,000 lbs
Side Wall: 1/4" Steel Plate
Front & Rear Wall: 1/4" Steel Plate
Floor: 1/4" Steel Plate with V-bottom
Structure & Crossmembers: 1/4" Steel
Suspension: Hutch 9600 or equivalent
Manways: Three 20" Diameter, Front, Curbside, Passenger Side
Valves: Two 4" Flanged Butterfly at Front and Rear Lowest Point on Floor
One 8" Flanged Butterfly on Front Wall with 8" Manifold
One 4" Flanged Vac/Fill Line with Butterfly on Front Wall
Sump: Floor Sump with 8" Pipe
Diffuser: 12" Removable Diffuser made of Sch. 120 Pipe, Reduced to 8" Sch. 80 Pipe, Reduced to 6" Sch. 120 Pipe
Baffle: Floor-mounted Baffle Located Directly Below Diffuser
Catwalk: Front-mounted Powdercoated Catwalk
Blast: Exterior, SSPC-SP6
Paint: Exterior, Prime/Topcoat or DTM Paint

* Specifications subject to change without notification