Frac Tank

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Fluid Containment Needs

10K Mini Frac

ETC’s 10K portable mini frac tank comes in a corrugated wall configuration with a v-bottom floor for easy cleanout. ETC’s mini frac tank is the perfect solution for companies with space limitations or when excessive storage capacity is not required.



**These tanks are also available in open-top and flowback designs.


  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ASME U Stamp
  • ASME R Stamp
  • ASME S Stamp

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Length 24’
Width: 8'6"
Height: 9’6”
Capacity: Standard capacity is 10,000 gallons.  Also available in 8,400 gallons and 5,000 gallons (unit length and height will differ from the standard for the 8,400 and 5,000 gallon tanks.)
Weight: Approximately 13,300 lbs.
Side Wall: 1/4" corrugated steel plate
Front & Rear Wall: 1/4" Steel Plate
Floor: 1/4" Steel Plate with V-bottom
Roof: 1/4" Steel Plate

Solid 4”x6” nose rollers | 8”x10” ground rollers

Liner: 100% solids epoxy interior liner
Feed Line: 3" front feed line
Manways: 20" manways on passenger side and roof

4” butterfly valve drains on front and rear

Sump: Floor Sump with 8" Pipe
Fill: 3" Schedule 40 Fill Line on Rear Wall
Coating: Direct to metal polyurethane exterior coating
Blast: Interior, SSPC-SP10 | Exterior, SSPC-SP6
Pressure Vacuum Valve: 16 oz. pressure, 0.4 oz. vacuum.


* Specifications subject to change without notification